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That "great genius of my friend"... Davide Besana

That "great genius of my friend"... @Davide Besana has long ago designed the logo of Yacht Management Agency. Except for the boat that sails cheerfully, and of course.... upwind on a clear day, Davide had the fantastic intuition to put the AP Flag, or "intelligence" as we say in Italy (but someone then, knows why it is called so?) next to the logo "YACHT MANAGEMENT AGENCY"....

I like to call it AP flag as it happens in the international field. ALL PURPOSE , that is "that is good for everything". If I look back, at the thousand times they asked me what I was doing... the answer has always been more or less this: EVERYTHING.

Yes, all in the nautical field. After years of sailing, racing, Olympic dinghies, charter fleet management, shipyard, assistance, design, sales, expertise and advice of all kinds, today my job is.. the AP-Work.... ALL PURPOSE.

"If I read the dictionary I find: multipurpose, versatile, multifunctional."

Today, with over 30 years of experience in the nautical field, I can really call myself AP. This is what my clients say, those of the last beach call because they have not found answers elsewhere, those who (fortunately there are also them..) plan constructions, modifications, cruises, regattas. Those who are colleagues and flatter me with their knowledge and friendship and share their doubts in the fields where I can give more for them.

AP. Besana, will I ever know if you did it on purpose or is just an unwitting fruit of your damn genius??

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